Graduation Day

They dress in red robes and sing to say goodbye. Parents and teachers watch, clap and cry. Diplomas are passed out. Speeches are given. Pictures are taken. Then comes the lunch. Awkward conversation. More speeches. Skits. Speeches. Tears. Sobbing tears of farewell. One last song together. Goodbye teachers. Retire to the classroom. One last look. … More Graduation Day

The Smell of Tokyo

The first city I can remember living in is Monticello, Florida. It is a tiny little north Florida town with a population under 3,000. Even if you include the surrounding county in your count, you’ll come up with less than 15,000. Like I said, it a small town. Since then I’ve moved through other cities … More The Smell of Tokyo

Love and Burgers

Every now and then I am surprised by what is and is not easy to find here in Tokyo. Before I go on, I guess I should define what I mean by “easy to find” especially when I am about to talk about foodstuffs. There are several small markets close to my apartment. They are … More Love and Burgers

Idolatry Revisited

There is a good chance that f you visit this site regularly, or listen to the Living Japan Podcast that I co-host, you have heard my thoughts on Japan’s booming industry of idol stars. If you haven’t, the short version is that I am not a fan. I honestly cannot think of a single redeeming … More Idolatry Revisited

Grey Feathers

The city is mine. I stroll along the streets, taking what I find. Cats taunt me, but I pay them no mind. They may have claws, but one strike with my beak will send them scurrying. So put up your spikes, trying to control where I rest my wings. how easily you forget that the … More Grey Feathers

How I got Yelled at by a Politician (who thinks he’s Jesus)

I’m going to take a break from selling you my upcoming novel, and instead relate a little tale from a recent walk home. Enjoy. (And feel free to buy that book.) Before we start there might need to be a little background. First off, I live in Japan and have lived here since 2004. I … More How I got Yelled at by a Politician (who thinks he’s Jesus)