Love and Burgers

Every now and then I am surprised by what is and is not easy to find here in Tokyo. Before I go on, I guess I should define what I mean by “easy to find” especially when I am about to talk about foodstuffs. There are several small markets close to my apartment. They are … More Love and Burgers

Idolatry Revisited

There is a good chance that f you visit this site regularly, or listen to the Living Japan Podcast that I co-host, you have heard my thoughts on Japan’s booming industry of idol stars. If you haven’t, the short version is that I am not a fan. I honestly cannot think of a single redeeming … More Idolatry Revisited

Grey Feathers

The city is mine. I stroll along the streets, taking what I find. Cats taunt me, but I pay them no mind. They may have claws, but one strike with my beak will send them scurrying. So put up your spikes, trying to control where I rest my wings. how easily you forget that the … More Grey Feathers

How I got Yelled at by a Politician (who thinks he’s Jesus)

I’m going to take a break from selling you my upcoming novel, and instead relate a little tale from a recent walk home. Enjoy. (And feel free to buy that book.) Before we start there might need to be a little background. First off, I live in Japan and have lived here since 2004. I … More How I got Yelled at by a Politician (who thinks he’s Jesus)