Sand, Sea and Stone

The upcoming sequel to Deadly Troubadours!

I am currently going over the manuscript with a fine toothed come trying to find any stray typos and misspellings that were glanced over in the prior multiple reading by multiple eyes.

Also, my cover/interior artist Rika Thomas is working hard on all the art for the book. I’d love to share but she doesn’t want to put anything up in the public eye until she is ready.


Here are some sample pages from the Sand, Sea and Stone. I’ll admit this are warts and all versions during the first run through of the novel. Some of the scenes are basically the same as in the final novel and some have been drastically re-written (for various reasons.) Sure, I thought about making them picture perfect, but I also like that they are here as little time capsules.

The start of the first chapter.

A Demetrius chapter.

A Kestra chapter.

A Talbert chapter.

A fight scene.


Goodreads is a site that basically exists to catalogue and review books. You can find Sand, Sea and Stone there as well as the first book, Deadly Troubadours.