Deadly Troubadour Front Cover
Art by Rika Touma

Deadly Troubadours

published March 15, 2015

Who are the Deadly Troubadours? Artists? Thieves? Pranksters? Punks? The answer depends on who you ask. In the summer city of Tryst the Deadly Troubadours seek to make a name for themselves – unfortunately that leads to a stupid oath after a night of heavy drinking. Because of course it does. Kestra: former gladiator. Demetrius Tate: magician and huckster. Talbert Gretchen: academic in exile. Aleksander: master of song. Will their actions earn them fame or infamy? Do they know they are out of their depths? Are they truly stupid enough to fight a dragon? Yes, yes they are. Because they are the Deadly Troubadours.


Sand, Sea and Stone

expected publication date: hopefully summer 2020

Sand, Sea and Stone will continue the adventures of the Deadly Troubadours both past and present.