Comics League International

First CoverEvery week I host a podcast called Comics League International. Why? Because I love comics and love talking about comics. Living in Japan, I don’t often get to do that. When I do it is a rare treat. But then I thought, why not go out and really seek out other people who like comics? Ir at least folk who are willing to read and talk about comics? That kind of became the goal of the show. I want to talk about some great comics with people from all over the world.

I want this show to be a fun listen for old fans of comics alike. I hope to be able to showcase quality material that everyone can enjoy. That said, there will be the occasional episode that just serves to hate read a comic. After all, isn’t that part of the fun of comics as well? Still for the most part, this will be a celebration of comics, not a place where they are torn down.

As of the 14th episode, guests on Comics League International have come fro several different countries: United States of America, Mexico, Finland and China. I think I can find a few more nationalities. At least that is the goal.

New episodes go up here every Tuesday at 10:00am Japan Standard time and hit iTunes soon after that. I would love it if you went to iTunes and subscribed. While doing that, why not take a minute or two to rate and review the show. That helps spread the word. But nothing helps more than telling a friend about the show. Oh, and please like Comics League International’s Facebook page.

Want to quickly find all the episodes available for streaming? Just go to the CLI Podcast category page.

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