A Lack of Nuance

I haven’t lived in the USA since 2004. Still, I’ve tried to keep up with what is happening culturally and politically. The have been amazing improvements, and just heartbreaking setbacks. But it can sometimes be hard to judge what the reality is. Part of that is because of the international filter. More than just the … More A Lack of Nuance

Telling My Truth

This is probably a bad idea. There are few rules to gaining and keeping an audience, but one of those is not to go on and on about personal problems. Of course, the other rule is to not go almost two years with no real content, and I’ve blown that one so let’s give honesty … More Telling My Truth

SSS Ch 07 Demetrius Tate: Goblin

Today Brent reads the seventh chapter of Sand, Sea and Stone “Demetrius Tate: Goblin.” If you are enjoying this podcast please take a moment to rate and review Brent’s books on Goodreads. Both Deadly Troubadours and Sand, Sea and Stone could use some love. Visit the website at deadlytroubadour.com and like the book on Facebook. Deadly Troubadours can … More SSS Ch 07 Demetrius Tate: Goblin