3 Day Weekend

It was a nice long weekend with the kids. They are indeed angels, but sometimes angels need a lot of attention. and that can. Make even the happiest of times a little draining. I’ve tried several times to get the bat off my shoulder with the regular feature, Tuesday Tarot, it it really wasn’t going … More 3 Day Weekend


A hot shower can really jog the mental processes. Unfortunately tonight mine just whispered to me that I need to come up with more ways to come up with time. At least the kitchen is clean, so that is one less thing to worry about tomorrow. Oh, I also came up with ways to connect … More Showers

Friday Night

I’m pretty beat. Sure, part of it is work. But the better part is due to some pretty serious playing around with my kids. Basically from the time I picked them up until the little one needed to be out to bed almost two hours later is was just sheer fun but ones with daddy. … More Friday Night

Day Off

Today I was surprised with a rare day off. I’m taking full advantage. Tune in tomorrow for hijinks. Now, I’m going to curl up with a book and read until I get too sleepy.

A New Skill

It really is the small things that add so much delight. Our little girl, who is a few weeks shy of turning one, has seemed to know her name for a while now, but she picked up something new. Over the weekend we found out if we call her name she’ll raise here hands and … More A New Skill