Love and Burgers

Every now and then I am surprised by what is and is not easy to find here in Tokyo. Before I go on, I guess I should define what I mean by “easy to find” especially when I am about to talk about foodstuffs. There are several small markets close to my apartment. They are … More Love and Burgers

Are You Writing?

People don’t really ask me that question, but it is one I often ask myself. Of course I don’t mean it in a literal way. I am together enough to know if I am taking part in the actual act. Like right now: I am. When you are reading this: maybe. But the question stands … More Are You Writing?

Fatherhood (1)

I am exhausted. This week began with my camp work ending and my school work beginning. In addition, I needed to step up my share of picking up the our three year old from daycare. Generally speaking, my wife and I try and balance that out, but seeing as how she had to cover for … More Fatherhood (1)

Idolatry Revisited

There is a good chance that f you visit this site regularly, or listen to the Living Japan Podcast that I co-host, you have heard my thoughts on Japan’s booming industry of idol stars. If you haven’t, the short version is that I am not a fan. I honestly cannot think of a single redeeming … More Idolatry Revisited

Planning Fun

I get to wear many hats. Some of the most important ones are when I get to devote myself to being husband and father. Those never really come off. But for work the hard slide around. I suppose my main one is as a teacher. The one I’d like to wear more often is that … More Planning Fun

Grey Feathers

The city is mine. I stroll along the streets, taking what I find. Cats taunt me, but I pay them no mind. They may have claws, but one strike with my beak will send them scurrying. So put up your spikes, trying to control where I rest my wings. how easily you forget that the … More Grey Feathers

Playing Superheroes

I have a three year old son, which means playing pretend is something that happens every day. We go from being dinosaurs to jungle animals to different vehicles. Sometimes this is free choice, but often times he announces our different roles. My wife and i are pretty used to being greeted but a chirpy voice … More Playing Superheroes

Broken Modem

Turns out our modem stopped working the evening I returned from camp. That meant spending far too long on the phone getting NTT to send us a new one. I’m taking that as a sign to keep today light. Grumble grumble.

Snow Camp (4)

As I write this I am stretched out in my own bed. It is a glorious feeling. But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss camp. Not only the thrill and joy of it, but the people I get to spend camp with. And then there is the fact that I grew up … More Snow Camp (4)