Not a Review: Peacemaker

The other day I finally got around to watching The Suicide Squad and really enjoyed it. I figured as good as it was I might as well check out Peacemaker.

Here we are, three episodes in and it is getting a strong thumbs up. I love how it straddles that line by being somehow irreverent and very faithful to the spirit of the comics at the same time, even if it is more on the nihilist side of things.

It does what I have come to expect from James Gunn, mixing action, clever dialog, with moments of heart. If there was a negative I had to point out, it was that the heart could use a bit more focus. It is there and wants to come out, but there is the tendency to make sure that there is always a punchline coming up. This show is by no means the worst offender at this, and pulls it off much better than many, but it is something we are all getting a little too aware of.

Still, the show definitely works for me and I’ll be tuning on for the remaking episodes. After that I’ll likely do a proper review. For now, just give this a chance.

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