Multiple Games

One of my hobbies is a good old table-top RPG, both as a player and as a GM. Recently I’ve mostly been running games. In the past month I got the opportunity to run the same basic adventure with two different parties. Now, I’ll admit to having a few go-to story structures and game elements … More Multiple Games

Four RPG Haiku

Dice That’s how you roll dice. Let me show you a man’s roll. Damn. Critical Miss.   Game You play that system? But that’s the dumbest rule set. Can I join the game.   Difference That’s such a kid’s game. Isn’t it time you grow up? Can’t you just watch sports.   Worlds Tabletop and … More Four RPG Haiku

Positive or Honest

I’m trying to read more this year. It’s been working out pretty well, especially for a guy that feels busy all the time and has a new baby. But, the thing is, the current book I’m reading has finally made it very clear that it will not fully win me over. It has been straddling … More Positive or Honest

Still Recovering

I’ve spent most of this week getting over the sickness that I caught from my son. It isn’t too terrible, or at least it is t bad enough where I can stay home from work with a clear conscience. But it does feel like I am carrying extra rocks in my stomach, plus I am … More Still Recovering


When you look outside, what is it that you see? When you look outside, are you doing so to keep from looking inward? Is it better to see struggle or peace? Which is better for now? Which is better for tomorrow?

Sick Day

I think whatever little sickness my son had earlier in the week has started in on me now. I’m not broken, but the lack of focus from yesterday makes more sense. It might be weird to post about how I don’t feel well enough to post properly because I still feel I need to post … More Sick Day