Snow Camp (4)

As I write this I am stretched out in my own bed. It is a glorious feeling. But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss camp. Not only the thrill and joy of it, but the people I get to spend camp with. And then there is the fact that I grew up … More Snow Camp (4)

Snow Camp (3)

The third night of our camp is dance party. There is always something magical about watching these kids let loose and boogie. Dancing isn’t always the most natural thing for young kids over here, so watching them be free is just another way of showing that we are reaching these kids. That is all for … More Snow Camp (3)

Vote for Me!

I was lucky enough to have a few readers who nominated me in an online “Best Indie Book of 2017” contest. The bad news is that my book “Sand, Sea and Stone” likely won’t come out until the very end of December. The good news is that it looks like anyone can not in this … More Vote for Me!

Indiegogo 1: Process

Almost two years since my first campaign on Indiegogo, I started one to print my second novel. Last time my indiegogo campaign came out almost as an afterthought. I’d already released the book through the many self-publishing options (chiefly the smash words gamut and Amazon) and many friends had already purchased a copy. But, there … More Indiegogo 1: Process

Rika’s Art

I talk about my wife, Rika, a lot. I think it annoys some people and amuses others. But why shouldn’t I talk about here a lot? After almost seven years of marriage I’m still giddy to be around here. Recently she’s been working on her own projects, that she writes about on her own website. … More Rika’s Art

Spread that Blame!

Woohoo! Another little political rant! just the kind of thing that everyone loves to read. As long as they agree with it. Especially when it comes from some unknown character who can be accused of living outside the country for over a decade and therefore has little accurate experience as to what it means to live in … More Spread that Blame!

Family Day

Sunday has become our family day and today was a successful one. Despite the heavy rains, we managed to keep our little one entertained as well as get a little bit of cleaning done. Admittedly me and the Mrs are both ready to collapse, but i guess that is part of having a kid. Still, … More Family Day