Work Starts Soon

For the past seven years I’ve been teaching English at a prestigious private elementary school. By all rights, it is a great job. Pleasant coworkers, sweet students, good pay, supportive administrators.

It’s still a job and that means there will always be frustrations built into it, but on the whole it is a source of positivity.

But tomorrow is the last day of our winter holiday and then it is back to work and I’m worried.

Part of the reason I do this website/blog, is because it gives me a reason to write something daily. That, in turn, makes it easier to sit down and write the longer works. This is the training that makes the game day of novel writing easier.

The last two years my writing has been in a serious downward slide in terms of production. I like to tell myself the quality is still there, it just takes a lot longer. Now, some of that slide is due to some personal issues. It was a trying two years.

But working and trying to be a decent spouse and parent really eat up the hours.

I want to keep writing. It, and making a little bit of music, are my ways to feel creative, and I need to feel creative.

So, here is to the upcoming start of the school term, and the hope that even as my free time decreases that there will still be enough time to keep at the keyboard.

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