101 Days

Let’s night, after I posted my daily blog, an interesting notice came up. It turns out that yesterday was my 100th straight day with a posting on this site. Which makes today the 101st. So far this is shaping up to be a pretty good year for me, writing wise. I finished up the first … More 101 Days

Are You Writing?

People don’t really ask me that question, but it is one I often ask myself. Of course I don’t mean it in a literal way. I am together enough to know if I am taking part in the actual act. Like right now: I am. When you are reading this: maybe. But the question stands … More Are You Writing?

Bloody Tokyo, Ch. 14

The fourteenth chapter of “Bloody Tokyo” by indie author Brent Thomas. A modern horror story containing vampires, werewolves, magic, oni, ninjas, samurai, yakuza, and more all set against the backdrop of modern Tokyo. This week’s Patreon shout out goes to the awesome Natalie! Bloody Tokyo features original music composed by Manny Marx. If you¬†enjoyed this … More Bloody Tokyo, Ch. 14