Bloody Tokyo, Ch. 14

The fourteenth chapter of “Bloody Tokyo” by indie author Brent Thomas. A modern horror story containing vampires, werewolves, magic, oni, ninjas, samurai, yakuza, and more all set against the backdrop of modern Tokyo. This week’s Patreon shout out goes to the awesome Natalie! Bloody Tokyo features original music composed by Manny Marx. If you enjoyed this … More Bloody Tokyo, Ch. 14

Indiegogo 1: Process

Almost two years since my first campaign on Indiegogo, I started one to print my second novel. Last time my indiegogo campaign came out almost as an afterthought. I’d already released the book through the many self-publishing options (chiefly the smash words gamut and Amazon) and many friends had already purchased a copy. But, there … More Indiegogo 1: Process


Today has been a day for just managing to try and pick things up a little. That goes both for the real life and the writing life. Real life terms, I’ve been getting caught up on laundry, playing with my birds (literally), putting out the recycling, and once I’m done with this post I’ll be … More Housekeeping

About that Goal

A few days ago I wrote about how I wanted to finish my second draft by tonight. There are still a few hours left in tonight and all things are possible. But, to be honest, it does seem rather unlikely. I suppose I could chalk it up to poor planning. I really liked the sound … More About that Goal

Unannounced Goal

Earlier this week I looked at my calendar and decided something. After too long of working on it, I aim to finish the second draft of my second novel by June 21st. Although, just now as I right this I have an urge to make it June 22nd. Hmm. Let’s put that to the side … More Unannounced Goal