Best Read Aloud

So, there is a saying that I’m going to butcher. It goes something like “good editing makes good writing great writing.“ That’s just some truth.

But as true as it is it is hard to find any writer that loves editing. It’s hard to get into a groove. There is lots of head pounding and so much focusing on all your faults.

It can also be incredibly rewarding when you get a paragraph to fully form into something beautiful. Or see a great way to impactfully tie together some dangling threads.

Still, it’s nice to have tricks to really catch what needs fixing. You might have noticed that I am (finally) continuing my audio book podcast. That is multipurpose. One is that it lets me schedule a post for Sunday so I can focus on family all day.

Another main merit is that reading my work aloud really helps me find flaws. Everything from simply awkward sentences to basic misspelling jump out a bit more when I read aloud.

I suppose if I really wanted to find errors I could then do a deep listen and see if I can find more errors that way, but who wants to listen to the self that much.

Anyway, if you are looking for ways to help your writing, give it a shout. And remember, reading out loud catches more errors than reading silently.

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