Daycare Dilemma

(Let’s go ahead and get it out of the way. The main point of this post is that I basically need to gain an additional $37 dollars a month at my Patreon site to get both my current and future kid into daycare here in Shinjuku. I totally understand if this makes you want to … More Daycare Dilemma

Can I Do It?

I look over this site and it reminds me how absent I have been this year. Life has demanded my attentions elsewhere. Work has increased my class load (which did come with a nice bump in paycheck, to be fair) and I have taken an active stance in improving my availability to home and family. … More Can I Do It?

The Writing Blues

I don’t know. I’m creating worlds and setting stories in motion. And yet, for as much as I am enjoying the experience I can’t help but feel I am spinning plates I can’t control. Not so much the art of writing, but the art of getting read. I wish I knew what the key is … More The Writing Blues