Best Read Aloud

So, there is a saying that I’m going to butcher. It goes something like “good editing makes good writing great writing.“ That’s just some truth. But as true as it is it is hard to find any writer that loves editing. It’s hard to get into a groove. There is lots of head pounding and … More Best Read Aloud

Still Editing

The other day I was editing and rewriting some stuff I’d written about a year ago. I realized something very important. If I stumbled on my books at random, I would really enjoy them. I’m not seeing I’m a great writer. Just implying it. But, seriously, so much of editing is just seeking out the … More Still Editing

A Writing Desire

I want to write of heroes and villains. Gods and magic. I want to spin stories of iron friendships and broken trusts, I want readers to laugh and feel horrified. To cry tears of multiple shades. I want to write you a new companion and a new enemy. I want to surprise myself with a … More A Writing Desire