‘A Song in Darkness’ Excerpt w/ Lucas and Bramble

In my upcoming novel one of the themes is family and fatherhood. I wanted a scene where young Bramble hears a joke from the potential father figure, Lucas. I figured what better way than to steal a joke I’ve heard from my own dad countless of times. I hope you enjoy it.

“Well, you know. Those red jays, they can be pretty unique. You know that word, right?”

She nodded.

“Yeah, they’re pretty unique. And you know how to catch them?” He paused, giving the question time to sink in. “Unique up on ‘em.”

She looked at him, momentarily confused by the nonsense phrasing. And then a spark hit her eyes. Lucas could see pieces fall into place as understanding blossomed on her face.

The laughter that bubbled out of her was the chiming of little bells. It was sudden and unexpected and full of joy, and just kept coming.

“Hey, hey. They got tame red jays too. You know how they were caught? Tame way!”

Again, a brief pause followed quickly by understanding and then chimed the bells. This time her laughter was broken up by gasps for air that reminded Lucas of the braying of a donkey. Soon he was caught up in the laughter. They were both too caught up in the moment to notice the red jay fly away

Pretty cute, huh?

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