SSS Ch 09 Talbert Gretchen: Kraken

Today Brent reads the 9th chapter of Sand, Sea and Stone “Talbert Gretchen: Kraken.” If you are enjoying this podcast please take a moment to rate and review Brent’s books on Goodreads. Both Deadly Troubadours and Sand, Sea and Stone could use some love. Visit the website at and like the book on Facebook. Deadly Troubadours can … More SSS Ch 09 Talbert Gretchen: Kraken

Best Read Aloud

So, there is a saying that I’m going to butcher. It goes something like “good editing makes good writing great writing.“ That’s just some truth. But as true as it is it is hard to find any writer that loves editing. It’s hard to get into a groove. There is lots of head pounding and … More Best Read Aloud