Tarot Tuesday: Four of Swords

A time of healing and rest. Or, perhaps, a warning of stagnation.

Four of Swords

Swords are often associated with trial. They can speak to what it takes to succeed in those trials, the dangers lurking in those trials, or perhaps even the cost of participating at all.

The Four of Swords is a reminder that at times in order to advance, we all need to pause and gather up our energy. We can all get so caught up in what we NEED to do in order to move closer to our goals, that we all forget that one of our prime needs is to actually take care of ourselves.

Both body and spirit must have rest in order to fully function. Forever grinding is the surest way to deliver diminishing returns, or even to simply far apart.

Allow yourself time to rest, time to heal, before it becomes a matter of either taking a small break now to recharge, or a much larger break later to fully recover.

Be careful, for depending on the combination, there are times when this card can serve as a warning that the period of rest has prolonged to the point where it is now a period of stagnation. This does not have to be because of simple sloth. Powerful forces can force us all to pause much longer than we should. Are you truly resting, or have you been paralyzed? Fear, self-doubt, indecision, and even betrayal, can serve to hamper activity longer than needed.

From “Golden Thread Tarot”

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