Tarot Tuesday: Queen of Pentacles

Loving and giving. Freely giving basic needs.

Queen of Pentacles

Material concerns can be our most basic, and the suit of coins is often centered around the material world. Do we have enough food or wealth? Is that lack, or even abundance, causing strife in our lives?

The Queen can be a subtle embodiment of those elements and there is often a purity to her actions.

The Queen of Pentacles represents freely giving what you have to give. But, don’t confuse giving of the material with a simple sign that it is time to write a blank check to whomever asks. That is just foolish and a Queen is no fool.

What do you have to spare? Is it time? Simply giving a friendly ear and, if sought after, offering advice can be of great comfort. But, in many ways, time is the greatest resource we have to share to someone in need, even if it is arguably not exactly material.

It is this offering of love and support that makes the Queen of Pentacles such a powerful figure. A hot meal fills a belly, but the love behind the offering of that meal can be what nourishes a soul. This Queen is loyal, standing by those who need it and holding their secrets. But, again, do not push this to the extremes. True loyalty can entail pointing out failings, albeit in a loving manner,

Lastly, if the Queen of Pentacles had a slogan, it would most likely be this: “Do what is necessary. Then do what is possible. What remains will fall into place.”

From “Golden Thread Tarot”

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One thought on “Tarot Tuesday: Queen of Pentacles

  1. Very cool, Brent! I didn’t know you were writing these Tarot series’ posts. I’ve been using Tarot since early summer 2020, learning the archetypes and working with them. Anyway, keep it up!


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