Tarot Tuesday: Nine of Cups

Satisfaction. Indulgence. Smugness.

Nine of Cups

There are times when the best course of action is to just take a moment and make sure you are aware of all the good things around you. What have your troubles earned? What is there you to indulge in? Breath deep and indulge.

These pleasures need not be limited to trinkets and owned goods. There is so much in the natural world to take pleasure in. If you have access to even a well maintained park or nature in a more natural setting, it might be time to truly appreciate what you have there as well.

The Nine of Cups is about pleasure and rewards. But it is also about holding on to the feelings of satisfaction and feeling contented.

But there are dangers in this card as well. There can be a fine line between feeling satisfaction and displaying smugness and superiority. As much as some like to sing it, we are not all created equal and do not all have access to the same perks. Are you guilty of parading your bounty in front of those who are in need?

Likewise, another fine line is between relaxing in the pleasures you have, and dropping into simple hedonism. Are your pleasures freely yours or are they thanklessly taken from another? Relaxing and indulging in the fruits of the exploitations of another is a dark path. This card could serve to remind you to look around and make sure you aren’t harming others to provide yourself with entertainment.

From “Golden Thread Tarot”

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