Tarot Tuesday: King of Wands

Charisma and positive energy. Creativity matched with action.

King of Wands

The suit of Wands tend to represent fire energy, while Kings can be stand-ins for action and personality. With those two elements to consider, it should be natural to consider the King of Wands as a leader with good ideas, a creative outlook, and a willingness to accomplish. A good king can take in information and use it to come up with original solutions

Like many kings, the King of Wands is often the center of attention and is an avid communicator. Also exiling at using charisma and perhaps even theatrical. A leader many will look up to and eagerly follow as this card represents not only talk, but being active with the follow thru that brings creative ideas into action.

However, like a King, this card can also be forceful and even stern, and is unlikely to to let foolishness run amok. While unlikely to be a tyrant or cruel, the King of Wands has a hard time letting disrespect, or even inaction, pass by unremarked.

Depending on the style of reading drawing this, as with many of the royals, can indicate someone who embodies these attributes. However, it can also mean that the attributes of the King of Wands are needed in your own life. Trust in your creative side and let your charisma hold sway. Perhaps be more forceful with your ideas or look for more creative ways to accomplish your goals.

From “Golden Thread Tarot”

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