Tarot Tuesday: The Tower (16)

Protection or liberation? Sometimes change is needed.

The Tower

Sometimes we all need to protect ourselves. We build ourselves a tower that defends us from the dangers that can encircle us. But the tower itself entraps us inside with all the clutter, beliefs and ideas that keep us from changing and advancing.

A disruption is what we need. A sudden shock that liberates. We need to say goodbye to our firm footing and thick walls and experience something new. Once again enter into the fresh air of the unknown.

This sudden carnage might be self-motivated, or it might be thrust upon us. Change is seldom easy and it is tempting to mourn the loss of what was familiar, but we should do our best to take advantage of new circumstances.

We might be in for a trial by fire, but that is often how changes for the better begin.

From “Golden Thread Tarot”

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