The 21st…

A long while ago I decided that once a month I would hit up loyal readers for cash. I could say support, but lets be real. I mean cash. I also decided that the day I would stretch out my hand would be the 21st. Why? Because that is my birthday. Not today, in June. But it seemed like a good enough day to make a regular pitch.

I’ve got back into regular posting here, and am even (more or less) regularly working on a new novel. I guess I should be asking for money this month. I mean, I’m writing here hopefully providing some type of entertainment. Why not ask for $1 from loyal readers.

After all, the dream is to be able to have enough incoming cash at some point so that I can defend the decision to chase creation as a full time endeavor. Sure, other people take the jump much earlier. Maybe I don’t need to play it safe. But my children have let it be known that they enjoy food on the regular, so wait I shall.

But, I’m not really ready to ask for money. That would involve sending people over to the Patreon suite, and I want to make a few changes before I really direct people there. Re-envision some perks, rewards, goals. Yadda yadda.

Still, ultra dedicated folk can still find the link, but I’m not really pushing for it. Not this month. I am priming the pump. Because I want to be able to paint a clearer image of any value you might receive.

So, just enjoy the rest of your day. If you are really eager, take a look at a few of the older posts. Or, if you really want to help me out go find the Reading Deadly Troubadours podcast on iTunes and leave a rating. Oh, and listen to it. It’s me reading you my first novel.

Anyway, have a great day.

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