End of the Day

I’m sitting on the train listening to blues. Gary Clark, Jr. if you are curious. Today has been a day. Long and tiring. It a bad day, although there were moments in it that certainly weren’t good. My four year old is having a difficult time that time moves in even when he doesn’t want … More End of the Day

Do It How You Like

I’ve been learning Japanese for almost twenty years. Wow. When I write it like that I feel bad for not being truly fluent. I’m conversational and can hold my own, but even without appearances there is little chance I’ll be mistaken as a native speaker. Which is a shame, but there it is. I never … More Do It How You Like

Imposter Numbers

For a while there the expectation was that the hardest part about becoming a novelist was the act of writing a quality book. It is indeed a struggle to come up with an original story, captivating characters, place them all on the page, and then try and eliminate as many mistakes as possible. Even with … More Imposter Numbers

Look for the Forest

As we travel along our paths we are occasionally lucky enough to awarded without opportunities to learn and better ourselves. Sometimes these opportunities are due to self reflection. It’s something we all should do, even if finding time can be it’s own challenge. Unfortunately, the largest blinders we were are the ones that obscure our … More Look for the Forest

Writing Detours

One of the things I like about writing fiction, is that you are never quite sure where it is going to take you. Case in point: several months ago I finished the first draft of a new novel. I liked it, but didn’t love it. I knew it had some problems, but sent it out … More Writing Detours

2020 Goals

The problem with making big plans, is that it is too easy to not achieve them. But then again, if the goals aren’t a stretch, what is the use of going after them? It is a little sad to see that many of my 2020 creating goals are just continuing from 2019. I guess that … More 2020 Goals

Past Mistakes

Time for complete honesty. Which probably isn’t the best idea, but here it goes. I’m writing all of this down, everything on this site, because I want you to read it. And I want you to like it. I want you to like it enough that you read tomorrow and the day after. I want … More Past Mistakes