2020 Goals

The problem with making big plans, is that it is too easy to not achieve them. But then again, if the goals aren’t a stretch, what is the use of going after them?

It is a little sad to see that many of my 2020 creating goals are just continuing from 2019. I guess that can’t be helped. That my four year old son, ten month old daughter and wife of (almost) ten years are healthy and happy takes priority.

Anyway, here is a breakdown of what I hope to accomplish this year, and how far from fully accomplishing them I am.

Let’s hope this year is plentiful in met goals.

Goals for 2020:


Project (status)


Bloody Tokyo, Season 2 (ongoing)

Reading Deadly troubadours (recording)

Unnamed Fantasy podcast (planning)

Unnamed writing podcast (planning)


Sand, Sea and Stone (awaiting production)

A Song in Darkness (first edit)

Unannounced work (planning)


Tokyo Damned: Bloody Tokyo s1 (available on Patreon)

Bloody Tokyo s2 (podcasting)

Short Story Collection

Samurai and Spaceships (production)


As many as possibly (currently 6 day streak)


500 likes here (currently 408)


100 supporters (currently 10)

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