Tarot Tuesday: 10 of Wands

I first started writing about tarot last summer. It seemed a perfect fit. My interest was growing, and I wanted to do something that would aid my own memory of the cards, but also share with others.

But the timing could have been better. At that time I was managing a summer camp, trying to edit a novel, as well as help raise two kids (including an infant), and be an attentive husband. It might be fair to say I was stretching my myself too thin.

Which is why I chose the next card to introduce.

The 10 of Wands

This card represents a burden. Taking on too much weight. But not just the weight itself.

Is that weight becoming a force that is pushing your head down? Are you no longer aware of what is going on around you, so bogged down by the tasks at hand?

Maybe you are so set on this task that you are failing to see that there is little merit in its completion. Is the only reward to the task its own finishing?

This card, and the heaviness it brings, can also hint at being being blocked either mentally or spiritually. So focused are you on the tasks at hand that you have stopped trying to expand your thought process. The block is not limited to the tasks, but can easily bleed over into other aspects of your life.

The key is to examine how the burden can be lightened. There are, of course, many ways to do this, but this card often suggests that the path to doing so is expand your own awareness.

As always, other cards drawn will affect the interpretation of its meanings. Best of luck.

From Golden Thread Tarot

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