Into the Snow

Yesterday I mentioned that I was going for another attempt to post something on this site daily for as long as possible. This is something I’ve done the past few years as well. With varying results, of course. There are a few benefits to this. One is the hope of increased traffic. If I post … More Into the Snow

Can I Do It?

I look over this site and it reminds me how absent I have been this year. Life has demanded my attentions elsewhere. Work has increased my class load (which did come with a nice bump in paycheck, to be fair) and I have taken an active stance in improving my availability to home and family. … More Can I Do It?

The Writing Blues

I don’t know. I’m creating worlds and setting stories in motion. And yet, for as much as I am enjoying the experience I can’t help but feel I am spinning plates I can’t control. Not so much the art of writing, but the art of getting read. I wish I knew what the key is … More The Writing Blues

Feeling Progress

Here is a secret for you. Okay, secret might not be the most accurate term, since you might already know it. But I’m going to call it a secret. I like progress. I need to feel like I am moving somewhere. That I am getting better. This bleeds into almost every aspect of my life. … More Feeling Progress


In my never ending quest to get the whole world reading my books and supporting my writing habit… er… I mean… No, that’s pretty much exactly what I mean. Anyway, in that interest, I’ve started using Instagram as of about 5 hours ago. It’s neat. Pictures are fun. But I’d be lying if I said … More Instagramming

$17 for Christmas

I’m making a list and once that list is finished I will be checking it far more than twice. The list will be a list of goals for 2018. See, 2017 is almost finished. It has been a pretty good year. I’ve been able to watch my little boy grow in continued health. I’ve supported … More $17 for Christmas