Can I Do It?

I look over this site and it reminds me how absent I have been this year. Life has demanded my attentions elsewhere. Work has increased my class load (which did come with a nice bump in paycheck, to be fair) and I have taken an active stance in improving my availability to home and family. … More Can I Do It?

The Writing Blues

I don’t know. I’m creating worlds and setting stories in motion. And yet, for as much as I am enjoying the experience I can’t help but feel I am spinning plates I can’t control. Not so much the art of writing, but the art of getting read. I wish I knew what the key is … More The Writing Blues

Feeling Progress

Here is a secret for you. Okay, secret might not be the most accurate term, since you might already know it. But I’m going to call it a secret. I like progress. I need to feel like I am moving somewhere. That I am getting better. This bleeds into almost every aspect of my life. … More Feeling Progress


In my never ending quest to get the whole world reading my books and supporting my writing habit… er… I mean… No, that’s pretty much exactly what I mean. Anyway, in that interest, I’ve started using Instagram as of about 5 hours ago. It’s neat. Pictures are fun. But I’d be lying if I said … More Instagramming

$17 for Christmas

I’m making a list and once that list is finished I will be checking it far more than twice. The list will be a list of goals for 2018. See, 2017 is almost finished. It has been a pretty good year. I’ve been able to watch my little boy grow in continued health. I’ve supported … More $17 for Christmas