Grumpy Bird Reviews: The People v. Star Trek Voyager

Reviewing a podcast?! It that even possible?


The People v. Star Trek Voyager

by: Shadeaux Public Radio


Quick Review

I’m a sucker for a good podcast that directs nerdy stuff in a fun and thoughtful way. This show has it in spades. On the surface it is a basic show of three guys who task themselves with talking about every episode of Voyager and deciding if it is good or not. But, it is also a court room drama. In space. And it is often, and suddenly, a musical. It’s silly fun and smart commentary that can be critical without descending into simply hating. Download it now.


Cards on the table, two of the three creators and hosts are college friends of mine. We live in different continents now, but I still count them both as boon companions. (If only those jerks would get on a plane!) My affection for them is certainly what got me started listening to these show. The excellence of it keeps it going.

Listen. So many of this style of episode by episode review shows are straight forward. They (sometimes) have segments. There is the synopsis. They take a deep dive into the show. Every week you pretty much know what you are going to get. And there is nothing wrong with that formula. Its tried and true.

And these guys do follow that formula. Kind of. It does operate under a frame story of essentially space court with a judge, prosecutor and defender putting each episode on trial and supplying comedy gold while doing so. The middle section is the unscripted breakdown of the episode in question, offering intelligent and insightful commentary, with only the occasional drunken rampage episodes. And the comradely between these three gents is awesome to hear. You can tell they are having a great time, even when the Voyager episodes themselves might not always be so good.

But what makes this podcast so special is that you can never really be too sure what is going to happen next. Sudden musical numbers, long bursts of story, other zaniness could erupt at any moment during the frame stories. Just cause. It is ludicrous and it works brilliantly. Again, go start listening.

Wrap Up

This is indeed a great listen. And since two of the hosts and I are old school theatre pals, it is hard to see them be creatively successful without me, but also awesome to be able to enjoy their works. You guys are great.

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