May’s Patreon Plug

Once a month I allow myself a blog post where I not-so-subtly try and convince any readers to give my money through Patreon. Generally speaking I try and keep these posts to the 21st of the month in the dim hopes that next month when it is my birthday a few more readers will go ahead and add their (financial) support to Patreon. Because I am clever.

I wish I had great news and big huge events to plug as to why you should support me on Patreon. I wish I had a list of great plans that are near to completion and ready to go that a few more Patrons will be able to put into direct action.

That isn’t really the case. I have one book that is awaiting art. Another that is in the editing phase (that also needs art.) I’ve got the Vampire podcast that with a few episodes penned, but that I haven’t been able to record yet. A new podcast in the wings. Another one possible lined up (that is dependent on a few more supporters by the way. I need another $25 bucks to make it happen.) Oh, and videos. Need to get that up.

I’ll be honest, since the birth of my second child in March, I have been struggling to find the balance between being a good husband and father, a good teacher at my main job, and an independent writer/artist in my off time. Being the artist has taken the hardest hit for hopefully understandable reasons.

If you are sensing a little bit of guilt, then you wouldn’t be wrong. This is likely all stuff I’m not supposed to be telling prospective readers. But there you go. I want so much to just have the time to devote to my craft. But time is money, and we aren’t yet at the stage where I can rely solely on being an artist.

Which is where you come in. Help me be the best artist I can by pledging you support. There are different levels of support that are designed so that you can give, but also not be gauged by double asks. For example, those at the $3 level sign up to get ebooks as they are released. Those at the $5 level are eligible for paperbacks based on their cumulative support amount. Plus there is some swag.

Anyway, how I like to put it, is if you think you would be willing to buy me coffee once a month, then you might be interested in supporting me on Patreon.

Thanks for reading.

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