$17 for Christmas

I’m making a list and once that list is finished I will be checking it far more than twice. The list will be a list of goals for 2018. See, 2017 is almost finished. It has been a pretty good year. I’ve been able to watch my little boy grow in continued health. I’ve supported … More $17 for Christmas


Yesterday felt rather bleak. I had worries that history was repeating itself in terms of work promises falling through. Really the only thing I had to hold on to was the knowledge that the people I work with are very special, warm-hearted people.┬áMy faith in their good intentions was never in doubt, but my faith … More (Re)Appointment


This is going to be a rather hard post to right because there is only so much I can say on this subject. I’m not strictly bound by confidentiality or anything like that, but talking too much might not be the smart thing to do. Not that I’ve ever let myself talk the the point … More Disappointment

School Blues

A few times a year the school I work at has a special meeting. At that talk we go over all the students who are facing beyond-the-norm problems.  Obviously I am not going to go into any great detail but I will say these problems run from academic troubles to emotional issues to recent divorces … More School Blues