Covid Scare

This will be a short one. Just letting you know in advance.

We had a slight COVID scare at work today. Some one associated with my workplace is a close contact if of someone who tested positive. I was lucky enough to be in close contact with that person.

To be safe, the few of us who met that criteria took a home rapid test and we all tested negative. Out close contact has also tested negative.

What makes this a good story is what happened during the 15 minute waiting period for the test results to show. It’s a simple test. One line for negative. Two for positive. I took the test, put it on my desk, and had to finish something up while waiting for the test results to appear.

This is what I saw when I came back:

I hope this comes in clear enough…

Can you see the two lines? Do you notice how the bottom one is a different red? And that it seems to be hovering in front of the other line? Do you see the red pen in my desk?


Someone was having a bit of fun with me. And I got to say, I enjoyed the attempt. And when I found out it was my boss that added the extra line, I couldn’t help but laugh. It might seem an odd thing to do, but we’ve been working together for seven years and he knows that is in bounds for me. Just like I know that if there was a problem, he would be first in line to give aid.

Anyway, it was kind of a long day, and that moment helped.

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