Don’t tell me that You know what I am I’ve been here so long And still it seems You have yet to see me Truly See me Every day I wait For the moment that Something will cause you To look and For the first time Take notice But for now Just keep Judging Without … More Sight

I was Interviewed!

A few weeks ago I was interviewed by Dana Hall about living in Japan. Dana was incredibly easy to talk to and asked some great questions. The article was posted over the weekend and I am so pleased with the result. I tend to ramble, which longtime readers likely know, but she managed to choose … More I was Interviewed!


Most of the last two days I’ve had a low key migraine going on. Almost low enough where I feel a little bad calling it a migraine. I was able to work, move about, etc. It’s pretty much faded away by this point. Now I just need to figure out what might have helped. The … More Recovering

Podcasts, Wristbands & Coins: Why You Should Support Me on Patreon

I’ve been working hard revamping my Patreon page in an effort to make it more worthwhile for supporters to come aboard. First and foremost, there is currently a special offer going on. Any supporters who join up before the end of March will be able to download a free ebook of my latest novella, Tokyo … More Podcasts, Wristbands & Coins: Why You Should Support Me on Patreon