January and Further

Here we are at the 31st of the month. With this post i finish of a clean sweep of daily posts for this month. Hopefully readers have enjoyed it as much as I have.

There is something about sticking to a schedule that does give me some energy. It doesn’t work for everyone. For some the idea of a strict timeline can just weigh them down. I often find it strangely freeing. Especially when it is as free form as this blog.

Plus, I do feel that it forces me to write, and to find time to write. It is a daily exercise for the marathon that is writing a novel. The major difference being that I can work on this in smaller amounts of time. With the novel I tend to feel that if I don’t have a good hour to write then I don’t really slip into the groove the story benefits from.

Anyway, this month has been successful. I plan to continue daily updates in February as well. Hopefully throughout the year.

One thing I do want to get back to is my narrative podcast, Bloody Tokyo. But, things will need to change. Let’s talk a little bit about process.

For Bloody Tokyo I wanted to try something different. I would outline the rough flow of the season, decide the amount of episodes. And then just go. I had one week to write and record each episode. For me it was more like a soap opera or comic book. The publishing schedule meant there wasn’t time to really look back.

This worked well for the first season. That the second season is only half published speaks to its level of success. Like many things, that mistake falls on my not being honest with myself at how much welcoming a second child was going to add chaos to my world. With my current family and work schedule doing a seat-of-the-pants schedule just doesn’t work. Especially since we have a small Tokyo apartment and the only place to record also doubles as the place where my baby sleeps.

I do want to keep that podcast going. And I think I’ve found a solution. First, I need to write and record all remaining episodes. Once that is done, I will bulk release them on my Patreon page. I want my supporters there to get the binges me version.

At the same time, I’ll begin weekly releases of the new episodes through the usual iTunes podcast links. When made, season 3 will also follow this format. I’d love to have this start by the end of February, but I don’t want to make promises. Yet.

Ultimately, what iI’d like to do is have the Bloody Tokyo podcast out in the spring, and something more fantasy based out in the fall. This would be in addition to blogging and working on novels. Since I am just one guy, I don’t really know if I can deliver. But that is how I’d like to schedule things.

Basically, all of this is to say that January went really well for me. But I want to keep going and growing. I want to give more people to not only visit this place, but to support me elsewhere.

If I can end with an ask, if you’ve read this far and are interested in a Japan based horror podcast, please take a moment to download these episodes. And then it would be extra awesome to leave a rating and a review. That stuff is writing adrenaline.


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