Feeling Progress

Here is a secret for you. Okay, secret might not be the most accurate term, since you might already know it. But I’m going to call it a secret. I like progress. I need to feel like I am moving somewhere. That I am getting better. This bleeds into almost every aspect of my life. … More Feeling Progress

Off to Camp

Time for a nice weekend in the mountains. Once again, I’ll be working with my usual camp group so we can provide a group of kids some outdoor experiences and a bit of an English environment. It’s a small camp with only a handful of staff. But not just any staff. It’s a crew of … More Off to Camp

About that Goal

A few days ago I wrote about how I wanted to finish my second draft by tonight. There are still a few hours left in tonight and all things are possible. But, to be honest, it does seem rather unlikely. I suppose I could chalk it up to poor planning. I really liked the sound … More About that Goal

Unannounced Goal

Earlier this week I looked at my calendar and decided something. After too long of working on it, I aim to finish the second draft of my second novel by June 21st. Although, just now as I right this I have an urge to make it June 22nd. Hmm. Let’s put that to the side … More Unannounced Goal