Weight Loss

Some folk might have noticed that my writing output slowed down and then basically stopped. Some of that has to deal with issues I’ve discussed before. but it also has so so with the limited time I have after working and parenting.

Since basically elementary school I’ve been a big guy. Too big. There are other more direct ways of putting it, but I’m going to refrain. We all have our preferences.

That largest I’ve been was about ten years ago, which feels like another lifetime. We were living in another part of Japan. My job had a lot of desk work and the only time I could really leave that desk was to go to the toilet or get a snack. It wasn’t the mist fulfilling of times and I ballooned up.

Getting out of that job and feeling better about myself help shed some weight, but it wasn’t really until the pandemic started that I really shifted to trying to actively loose weight. Or at least for a prolonged period.

What was my secret? Working from home. See, my commute to work takes about an hour. Once that commute disappeared I decided that if I suddenly had two extra hours in my day, I might as well spend one hour exercising. So I jogged in place, usually while watching a video on my phones.

And then I noticed I was getting healthier. That helped the habit stick. Here we are almost 18 months latter and I am in better shape than I’ve been in my adult life. I feel better. I look better (at least to me, I’m not sure if others really notice).

As a result my energy is up, and in some ways my appetite has gone down. Or maybe it’s that my overeating has stopped. And recently it’s gotten easier to see results, which helps maintain motivation.

Still, time is a factor. And there are times where it does feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day. But I want to keep this going.

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