February’s Patreon Appeal

It is the 21st of the month, which means it is the one time a month I use this blog to directly reach out and request the any regular readers take the plunge and support me over on Patreon.

The beauty of Pateron is that it allows you to directly support an individual and their work. For that support you get a few rewards and a further insight into their creative process. This is also the area where I be completely honest and say that I am still trying to come up with the perfect rewards for my patrons. I haven’t unlocked that puzzle yet. So, if there is something you have in mind that would make you smile to give me a $1 or more a month to keep working on my words, then by all means let me know.

But why should you? I get it. There are a lot of entertainment options. Why should you give even a dollar to some bum in Japan? Mostly because creating anything takes time and resources. For 2019, this is my 52nd straight day posting on this website. While doing that I am working on novels, novellas, and podcasts. This all takes time. And time is my most precious resource.

Every dollar I make through Patreon is like a permission slip. It allows me to justify this creation hobby of mine. That is the heart of it. Making money there enables me to keep creating here.

The perks and rewards offered over there are simply a way to entice you to give. $1 Gets you a shout out on a podcast and access to Patreon posts, including the rough transcript versions of some podcasts. $2 gets your name listed in my books under a supporters page. $3 a month acts as a subscription service where you get any of my published works in digital format. And so on.

And this month I owe my Patrons a special Thank You. It is a bit much to get into, but at the end of last year I needed to reach out for supporters to help secure a daycare slot for my soon-to-be-born daughter. The response was strong enough that the city seems to have deemed my writing and creating as additional work, which helped get her placed. So, thank you Patrons.

As a result, tomorrow I will be uploading the ebook version of Tokyo Damned: Bloody Tokyo Season 1, the novella version of the Bloody Tokyo podcast. It will be available to all of my Patreon supporters until March 21st, when it will then be available for free to only those pledging $3 or more. After that it will also me made available on most ebook retailers.

That’s the plan.

Thanks for reading my plea for cash. Tomorrow I will be releasing the 20the chapter of the Bloody Tokyo podcast. After that, I’ll probably lighten this site up a bit with some dragon fighting or something.


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