Ugly Jealousy

Do you every feel it? You’re working hard, doing your best, trying everything you can to make your mark and get noticed. You start to feel that purchase of a little bit of traction. You feel you are making progress. And then you look over. You see someone else. The seem to be fresh out … More Ugly Jealousy

Bloody Tokyo, Ch. 15

The fifteenth chapter of “Bloody Tokyo” by indie author Brent Thomas. A modern horror story containing vampires, werewolves, magic, oni, ninjas, samurai, yakuza, and more all set against the backdrop of modern Tokyo. This week’s Patreon shout out doesn’t exist. Instead, I remind everyone that there will be a brief hiatus while I start working … More Bloody Tokyo, Ch. 15

20 More Hours

I’ve been doing a Goodreads Giveaway and there are 20 hours left. Currently there are over 660 people entered for 25 books. That’s pretty crazy to me. Especially since there have been other instances where I have tried to give away a copy of this book in exchange for reviews and have failed dismally. Of … More 20 More Hours