Finishing the Draft

I had a little bit of time today to sit in front of my keyboard and get some work done. Which turned out to be a great thing, because I managed to finish the first draft of my current WiP.

My goal for this draft was 60,000 words. Of course, that is a rough 60k, but I’ll admit that I really wanted to break that number. Not by too much, just to be over it. Which was my it was a neat feeling to wrap up what I felt would be i great closing sentence, check my word count and see that I had bulls-eyed the target. Dead on 60,000. Of course, then I did a few quick read through of what I just finished, corrected a few typos, and that brings up my current total to 60,004, but hey, still a finished rough draft.

I’m pretty happy. To stay happy I’ll admit to trying to not think about how much work needs to be done before this thing is ready to see the light of day. I’m sure that the fist round of editing will be brutal and that there are probably an insane amount of dangling threads or ideas that started out as one thing and somehow metamorphosed into something else without my even realizing. But that is what makes it a first draft, right?

Still, I’ll also need to work on the blurb, try and get some beta-reads going on, all that stuff. And then there is the sequel. I guess I might want to start really planning that out and maybe even attempt a few chapters. No since waiting, especially if I want to let this first pass sit for a little bit before taking a look at it again.

And I guess if I want to eventually find readers I need to figure out the best way to actually market this thing. Does announcing the name count as part of the marketing strategy? I can never remember. This would be so much easier if everyone who threw me a like on Facebook were also willing to read my book. And buy it first. And then review it after. A good review. Yeah, that would be nice.


But the good news is I finished. Now comes the hard part.



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