Grumpy Bird Reviews: Apoca Lypse Sink Ships

A little while back I finished a short story collection by Adam Wing. I wanted to make of point of showcasing it, because this is a collection that deserves more reads.

42973441Apoca Lypse Sink Ships

by Adam Wing

**Full disclosure: I am a friend and writing partner of the author who received an advanced copy of this collection.**

I’m always feel hesitant to a friend’s work. There is always that nagging question of what if I don’t like it? That said, I don’t have that fear when it comes to Adam Wing’s books because they have always out a smile on my face.

This collection is no different. A variety of stories spanning a variety of genres means that you never feel like you are reading simple variations on a theme. The stories here are immersive and weighty despite being “short.” And, since this collection contains both prose, poetry and picture book, it really adds a nice slice of mediums that Wing is capable of.

Also, while being a clever use of words, the title is oddly fitting. Even if there are no ships, there is plenty of apocalypse. There is a form of cheerful bleakness to the writing that gives it a nice weight while keeping it from feeling burdensome.

Still, to offer some critiques so you don’t think this is just a worthless friend review, not all stories herein are created equally. My favorite being After the Seraphim. The other stories are enjoyable as well, but don’t quite rise to the grander and completeness of this high point. Some of the others, while entertaining, do beg to be unpacked and turned into an individual work themselves.

You can see other review of it (and this on) on its Goodreads page and you can purchase a copy through Amazon.

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