Daycare Dilemma

(Let’s go ahead and get it out of the way. The main point of this post is that I basically need to gain an additional $37 dollars a month at my Patreon site to get both my current and future kid into daycare here in Shinjuku. I totally understand if this makes you want to … More Daycare Dilemma

$17 for Christmas

I’m making a list and once that list is finished I will be checking it far more than twice. The list will be a list of goals for 2018. See, 2017 is almost finished. It has been a pretty good year. I’ve been able to watch my little boy grow in continued health. I’ve supported … More $17 for Christmas


Today has been a day for just managing to try and pick things up a little. That goes both for the real life and the writing life. Real life terms, I’ve been getting caught up on laundry, playing with my birds (literally), putting out the recycling, and once I’m done with this post I’ll be … More Housekeeping

Last Reminder

For all of June my novel, Deadly Troubadours, has been free on sites like Smashwords and through the Apple Store (or iTunes or iBooks, whatever the most recognizable name is.) June is almost over And once we hit July the price is going to return to its normal $5.50 (plus whatever taxes and fees different … More Last Reminder

Reviews and Patreon

All this month I’ve been doing a push for more readers and more reviews as a birthday celebration for me. My birthday was yesterday and with about a week left in June there has only been one review. I don’t want to make little of it. That anyone, a friend in this case, not only … More Reviews and Patreon