Future Goals: Giving and Charity

As the days get closer and closer to the birth of my daughter, who could really arrive at any time, I keep thinking about what it is I want to do going forward.

I know I want to keep writing and creating, and hope that the future will bring more time that I can dedicate to creating. I also enjoy my teaching job and the wonderful people I get to spend my days with.

I also have my nature camp job. Not only do I find think camp incredibly fulfilling, but it lets me spend a lot of time outside and reconnecting to nature. I really look forward to when my own children are old enough so that they can benefit from camp life as well.

This got me thinking. There are so many children that are not fortunate enough to be able to enjoy the outdoors, and challenge themselves through camps. Just the fact that I can easily envision a future where i can easily send my children to summer camp is a sign that my family will enjoy benefits that not all can afford. As I grow as a writer, I need to figure out a way to give back to the community in which I live.

Thinking about this, something clicked earlier today. Currently Patreon is my most reliable income as a creator, and as I grow there I want to ensure that I am tied to something that gives back. So, early today I went and created a new public goal. Once my Patreon income hits $200, then from that time 10% of that income will be donated to a yet to be named charity. This amount will grow to 15% once I attain $300 at Patreon.

I know that these goal will most likely not be achieved overnight. Even mentioning at this early stage might seem odd. But, again, as I think about all the experiences that I am currently in a position to give to my own children, I wanted to publicly commit myself to giving what I can to those less fortunate and to other worthy causes.

That’s my little dream. Thanks for reading about it.

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