Another ‘Good Workplace’ Moment

My first series of jobs after college was in education here in Japan. I worked mainly in junior high school for the first four, and then for the prefectural board of education mostly assisting foreignEnglish teachers for the next four.

In those eight years I had some amazing moments and met many truly special people. This goes for both the educators new to Japan and those raised here in Japan.

But, for many reasons, those eight years also really ground me down. I left that prefecture feeling extremely burnt out and rather turned off of the idea of teaching again.

After two years of grad school I can’t say I was overly pleased that my best job offer was to teach. I was honestly still recovering from those eight years, and also feeling a touch of resentment that in a way I was returning where I started.

Now I know that was mostly stubbornness and pride talking. But those feelings almost won over. But they were trumped by he reality that I was unemployed and my wife and I were expecting our first child. I took the job.

That still stands as a top contender for the best work related decision I have made. I am staring my fifth year at this school and am still so happy to be working there.

Everyday, I am surrounded by so many positive and uplifting personalities who really care about their work and their students. They want to make each day better.

This week we had a visiting teacher from Australia joining our school and observing and taking part in many classes. Today was here last day with is, so the school decided to through a takoyaki party for her.

Together we cooked, and ate and drank. And, again, you could feel the positivity in the air.

There are so many things I want to do that time is a precious commodity. I want to write, to record, to clean, to barons time with family. I need more hours in the day. Work can often play the part of what is keeping me from my other goals.

But days like to today really help underscore how lucky I am to be working in such a place.

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