Patreon and Bloody Tokyo

Let’s just go ahead and get it out of the way. The goal of this post is to let readers know about my Patreon and to tell them about a few of the perks they can get by supporting me there.

Currently on my Patreon I offer patron only posts that give a behind the scenes look at my creation process, updates, and other insights. But, I also offer the rough draft transcripts of each episode of Bloody Tokyo and these are posted before the release of the episode. Of course, depending on my production schedule it may only be a few hours before the podcast episode is added, but I try to give Patrons at least a few days notice. And this is for patrons of any level, starting with those who pledge $1 a month.

The other main bonus would be for patrons who pledge $3 a month. Starting with the first payment, Patrons will be provided with a download link for one of my available novels. With the next payment comes a new novel. Okay, to be honest, currently there is only one fully finished novel available. But this year should see the release of 4 more to that collection. So it is worth considering.

Of course, I am looking to grow my number of patrons and am keen to make them happy. The only problem is, I’m still figuring that out. So, if one reading this also really thinks, “if he were willing to offer _______, then I would love to sign up the reach out to me (the easiest way is either through Patreon’s messaging system or through Facebook). It was a fun doing just that that got me to start adding the Bloody Tokyo transcripts.

But enough of the commercial. Here is a sample of Bloody Tokyo, Ch. 16. For those who don’t know, Bloody Tokyo is a dark, often NSFW podcast about vampires in modern Tokyo. It contains many adult themes, displays of sexuality, and violence, so it certainly isn’t for everyone. It also has elements of social satire and criticism aimed mostly at Japan (where I have been living happily for roughly 15 years.)

Somewhere in the distance she could hear stray cats fighting. Most likely it was over some bit of meat thrown out in the trash. Crows spent the day tearing open plastic bags thrown out too early or too late for pick up. Evening came and neighborhood cats resumed where the birds left off. Tomorrow the streets would be strewn with garbage.

She tried to remember what day tomorrow was supposed to be. If it was a Tuesday the cleaning lady of the nearby apartment building would handle the mess. If not, a few of the companies that did little more than add to the growing amount of paperwork necessary for everyday life Tokyo would choose some of their newest recruits to assist with the cleaning. This cleaning was supposed to teach them that all jobs had merit and that they should be willing to get their hands dirty for the company.

However, it would surprise no one that a majority of the recruits chosen would be young and pretty women, the office flowers, who were still expected to come to work in demure black suits, shoes with just enough of a heel on them, and impeccable make up. To do anything less would be impolite. They’d be given short-handled brooms and dustpans with a mere hadn’t grip.

When it was time for these young, college educated women who were eager to prove that they were ready to shatter the bamboo ceiling to go out and clean up the trash and fallen leaves fro the side street, the old guard would take their smoke breaks and watch. These old men would puff away and drink coffee out on cans while they watched these women bend down to clean. Eyes would follow hemlines as the men asked if the young flowers were single and remind them that soon they’d be the Christmas cakes, and no one wants a Christmas cake on the 26th. Shouldn’t they go ahead and start having babies?

A few of the bolder men, or perhaps the men who hadn’t yet fully sobered up from he drinking party the night before, would mention how their wives didn’t pay the attention anymore, or that they were out of town. Either way, these men would just casually mention that they needed some company. To talk about work. And the connections they had and the introductions that could make. As long as they liked someone.

At least that was what those men had said to her friends. And to her. They had said it so many times that she had almost believed them. She had almost given in to them and their suggestions and their offers of career advancement if she could do something for them. Even just one time.

But she had told them no. Again and again she had told them no. When they persisted, she became aggravated. And one day as she was cleaning an unknown hand came to try and raise that hemline, she had grabbed it, slapped its owner and shouted at him. She had used her loudest voice and made sure to call him by name and say exactly what he had done. She wanted everyone in the side street to know what had just happened. She wanted there to be no mistake who he was and what he had done. 

She didn’t want to have to laugh and say no anymore. She wanted it to stop.

He turned red. He blustered that she was mistaken, but it was a hard lie to tell with her hand around his wrist. His business card couldn’t argue the point, nor could the lapel pin that identified him as senior management in this firm that carried such name power even as it did little more than shuffle papers between other companies.

He stumbled though an apology, not daring to meet her eyes. She shoved him and told him never to bother her again. He went willingly.

She was foolish enough to think this was a victory. It had been a great way to start the day.

Hmm… I wonder if anyone is still reading. Hope so. Should I mention that one of my goals for this year is to keep producing content that helps my grow my Patreon supporters to 100? Maybe I’ll just keep it an open secret for those still reading. Y’all seem like good people.

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