Grumpy Bird Reviews: Home Sweet Tokyo, s02e02 True Love Choco

Given that my other reviews of the previous episodes, I was wondering if  I should return to reviewing it. The only really enjoyment this show provides is the negative energy it brings. But, a few people reached out and wanted me to keep going. So here I am. Enjoy.

Home Sweet Tokyo, Season 2 Episode 02: True Love Choco

writers: BJ Fox, Yukihiro Toda and Teruyuki Yoshida

director: Teruyuki Yoshida

Quick Review:

This might be the perfect storm of what makes this show so terrible. An unlikeable main character, stereotypical portrayals, paper-thin plots that come to obvious endings. Camera work, editing, and acting all leave so much to be desired. More emphasis placed on this describing readily available points about Japan than any other aspect of story-telling. The end result is awful. just awful.

Spoilers Lurk Below


I feel like I should start but just going over why this plot is tired and dull, but is there any real point to it? Jealous husband mistakes the chocolates his wife plans to give for the chocolates his daughter plans to give and gets jealous. And rather than asking any questions he comes up with a cockamamie plan with the help of his stereotypical friend. If any of this sounds original at all, then I have a billion dollar idea you should invest in that includes a group of kids fighting crime or ghosts with the help of their talking animal sidekick.

What does get me is that this show has also repeatedly given us evidence that the husband and wife are in a loveless marriage. More evidence comes this episode where their post-midnight Valentine celebration is the wife passing over chocolates and telling the husband to not bother her so she can sleep. The husband then goes downstairs to drink alone. Sadly, there is no evidence the writers are aware of the tragic lifestyle they are depicting because it all seems to be for “comedy.” It’s just a shame the script or performances ever offer any laughs.

But it does offer stereotypes. Englishmen and football. Indians and cricket. The husband’s doltish attitude and almost complete lack of Japanese knowledge, while every character he needs to interact with has “good” English.

The show is consistent in that the behind the camera work is as good as the in front of camera work. And just as compelling. And adds just as much to the plot. Nothing like jiggly camera work. Lighting that makes the “hero” look like a pale malaria victim.

To be fair, outside of the soccer match, the camera work was serviceable and not distractingly bad. But everything else about the show is.

But hey, I’m also guessing that BJ Fox did eat spaghetti that was too spicy for him. Sadly, that guess is based on the entire rhythm and feel of the show suddenly changing for the last minute as he ate, and enjoyed some laughs with his co-stars. I will give them credit for actually seeming to have fun in those scenes. Hopefully they are having a good time. I just wish what they were creating was as fun.

Wrap Up:

I don’t know if i can say this was the worst episode this series has had to offer. But it is a perfect representation of why this show is so bad. You can stream it form the NHK world site.

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