Daddy and the Aquarium

Today was a good dad day. My son and I have been getting along really well recently. We’ve always been pals, especially when it is the two of us, but throw Mommy into the mix and it is very obvious which of us is the third wheel.

But for the last few weeks he’s been wanting to play with me even when Mommy is around. This means not only get I get fun times, but she gets some extra rest. And since our next child is scheduled to arrive in March, the Mrs does appreciate (and deserve) the extra moments of peace.

Today we went out for a family lunch. The whole morning my son has been talking about a trip to the aquarium, so when we finish eating I make a suggestion. The two of us go and let Mommy go home and rest.

This idea would have never worked a month ago. But today, it resulted in some father son time looking at fish.

I don’t want anyone reading this to come away with the feeling that I am gloating about how much I’m doing for my poor wife. I spent a few hours playing with a really sweet kid and she laid down for a little bit only to get up again and search for things to scrub.

Really what I am excited over is my son wanting to spend time with me even when Mommy is an option. It feels nice. And hopefully that will help her get some needed rest as well.

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