Family Day

Yesterday was a family day. I took a break from thinking about summer camps (Job 1) and from thinking about orcs and vampires (Job 2) to focus on the more important things in life. Yeah, I’m getting all sentimental over the Mrs. and the boy. Summer is a busy time for all of us. Soon … More Family Day

Leo had a Fever

I woke up this morning and as I start to get moving the Mrs whispers to me “Leo got a fever during the night. He threw up. He needs to stay home from daycare today.” At the same time three thoughts flooded my mind. I didn’t need to wake up and could just linger in … More Leo had a Fever

Quick Update

It’s been a busy time. I’m adjusting to the new school year and the new duties its brought, while trying to work on edits with constant construction going right outside my window. And, of course, all the other responsibilities that come with being a father and husband. Something needed to be put down, and this … More Quick Update

Feeling Better

This is going to be quick. My son is feeling better and is back to playing at full power. The Mrs and I are both a little worn out, but hearing that big laugh of his makes it worth it. Tomorrow will probably be a full day of dancing and running with the little guy. … More Feeling Better