Friday Night

I’m pretty beat. Sure, part of it is work. But the better part is due to some pretty serious playing around with my kids.

Basically from the time I picked them up until the little one needed to be out to bed almost two hours later is was just sheer fun but ones with daddy.

We rolled around, played with balloons, pretended who could count to 1000 the fastest. And of course there was some tickling.

What made it even more fun was that lil sis was able to join in the fun as well. In her own way. She’s not even one, so there is only so much she can do, but we can tell she likes being included.

As for big brother, who is still four, we can see him making the choices to keep his sister involved, even if he does need the occasional reminder to be careful.

Now, dinner has been eaten (thanks, Rika) and the dishes are all squared away. One kid is deeply sleeping and the other should be there shortly.

If fate smiles on us, maybe we parents will have some time for each other before falling asleep ourselves.

We’ll see.

The boy in question.

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