Welcome to One

It was just over a year ago, around 11:30pm on March 3rd, when our daughter was born.

I remember walking in the rain with my sleeping son in a stroller. We headed to the birth house desperate to make it one time. I made it just as she was crowning. It felt as if they were waiting for me to arrive.

Then, and now, my wife is one of the strongest women I know. Bringing two amazing people into this world.

We’ve had a year to get to know our daughter. She makes everyday better. I’m so eager to see her grow. Seeing her smile when I arrive to pick her up from daycare makes my heart dance.

That she was born on Hina Matsuri (Girl’s Day/Doll Festival) here in Japan seems so appropriate as more and more of her charming, joyful personality comes out.

Thank you for choosing us little one. Happy birthday.

The daycare made decoration for the hina matsuri.

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