New Year’s Dad

Tomorrow I get to take a little bit of a rest. I’ll likely read a book, play some music, maybe even turn on a video game. If my head space clears, I’ll even do some writing.

My teaching job doesn’t start up again for another week and to tell the truth in a little worn out.

It’s the story that most parents are familiar with. The holidays come and the little ones also go on holidays. The house, or in our case small apartment, is filled with the joyous noises of children at play.

I’m lucky that I do get a defined break from work. My wife does not have that pleasure. She’s got her own business and essentially only gets paid when she actively works.

A lot of this break with the kids was her spending some time with us in the morning, going off to meet with clients while I stayed with our kids. She tried to keep it to relative half days so that she could come back refreshed enough to give me some time to exercise or otherwise decompress.

And it’s been great. My kids are amazing, and although some time or more demanding than others I love being there for them. I also want to be the husband cheerfully keeps home while wife brings home bacon (and reminding her to take some time for herself as well.) I’m achieving that goal.

But it also means that those things that help me recharge throughout a busy day (music, books, exercise) are hard to get to.

So, I love being a dad. But I’m also incredibly happy the kids will be at daycare tomorrow. (Knock on wood. Throw salt. Ward off evil spirits.)

I need a rest.

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