The Sick Baby Chronicle

Most of my day was spent looking after our little one. She was home sick from daycare, but still had plenty of energy to play.

We spent the morning looking at little toys and reading books. After a failed attempt to get her to take a nap we went out and enjoyed the sunshine of what was the prettiest day of the year so far. It was a lot of fun, just the two of us.

After that her mom took her to the doctor where we found out she picked up a little virus. Don’t worry. It’s not the one that has so many fretting. But it does mean she’ll likely spend the rest of the week at home. Thank goodness the timing worked out that I have most of the week off to help look after the little girl.

In other news, the Mrs wanted tacos tonight, so we whipped up some simple (American) home style tacos. Nothing fancy. But it does make me smile watching my wife help teach our son how to fold a taco. I mean, this is a style of eating that I basically introduced her to.

Don’t get it confused. It’s not like an ownership thing. It’s just lovely to see things blend together.

Queen of the world!

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