Drinking after Work

Okay, confession time: I really like my main job.

I kind of fell into teaching. I come from a family of teachers and sometimes it seems like a majority of the extended family, on both sides, either are teachers or have taught. I think that outside of my dad and brother, almost everyone else has actively worked as an educator.

That meant that growing up the last thing I wanted to be was a teacher. But, I can’t deny that both working as a teacher and working with young people is something that I both enjoy and find fulfilling.

I mean. I’d love to be able to earn enough as an indie writer that I could make the decision whether or not I wanted to keep teaching. For now, it is a job I need, and I am just lucky enough that it is also a job I enjoy.

What snakes this job so very worthwhile, is not just the enjoyment of teaching, but also the crew I get to work with. A majority of those I work with are not just pleasant, but of a caliber that I want to actively hang out with.

Which brings me to tonight. It is currently 6:11pm. I got off work early. Around 3:20pm. As did some of my fellow English teachers. Rather than just going home, we went out to a local pub and lifted a few pints together.

We teased and laughed and shared. Basically, it was yet another reminder that I am so lucky that I get to work with amazing people. And, since a good portion of the conversation centered around the other teachers we need to raise a glass with, the amazing people isn’t limited to just the English teachers.

The bad news is, because I lifted a glass, I’m not really in a condition to narrate the next episode of Bloody Tokyo, yeah, that was supposed to happen today.

I would feel more sullen about making that happen, but I also know that this will be my last chance to drink with coworkers for a while. After all, there is a baby on the way.

T. Y. Harbour makes a good imperial stout.

One thought on “Drinking after Work

  1. Oh, how I miss stouts! The UAE has a very lacking beer scene. There’s no demand for any fancy stuff, people are happy to pound down kingfisher, Corona, and Heineken.
    I hope we get a craft beer scene soon.

    I remember the after work drinks in Korea. Being walking distance from everything made sure breaks a lot easier.

    I love teaching, but often wonder what is in store after we leave here. We want to relocate back west and I’m not sure I want to be in a public school at that point.

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