Countdown to Birth

I am counting days. The expected date of the birth of my daughter is March 5th. Counting today, that is seven days away. It’s morning here, so I count it. At some point during the day, I’ll stop including today.

My mother will arrive on the seventh. None days away. She is tasked with making sure my son, almost 4-years-old, is taken care of and gets as much love as possible if my wife and I are in the birth process.

March 8th is when my wife believes our daughter will arrive. She just has a feeling. I know better than to disagree. That is ten days away.

Most of my jobs feature me in some kind of leadership role. I can make decisions and influence outcomes. I’m not trying to make myself more important than I am, as what helps make me suited for leadership is that I value what others have to offer and the options they can provide.

Why I am bringing that up is that this is one of those situations where very little will be under my influence. My role will be almost entirely one of support. Sure, I will be holding myself responsible for making sure my wife and son feel supported, and for making sure she gets to the birth house safely, but I can’t take charge. This is all her call.

She is brave and smart and strong. As much as possible she get to have control over her giving birth. I want to be as involved as she is willing to allow me. Being present and active in the birth of my son was the greatest gift I have ever received.

It was a rough birth for my wife. Many of the decisions made this time around is to try and make this an easier process for her. There is little I can do to directly aid her, but I want to offer as much support as I can.

Meanwhile, I wait and count the days.

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