And Now On Goodreads…

For the next month, until March 22nd, my novella based on the Bloody Tokyo podcast is available exclusively to my supporters over at Patreon.

That’s right. Those lucky ducks have early access to Tokyo Damned: Bloody Tokyo Season 1! Incredible!! Okay, fine. It is simply credible. Forgive a guy for trying to build excitement over both his upcoming release and his Patreon page. Family to feed and all that.

However, even if you aren’t a Patreon supporter, you can still help me spread the word. The easiest way involves having a Goodreads account.

All you’ll need to do is go to the the Tokyo Damned page and add it to you “want to read shelf.” Or, of course, share it everywhere. Please.

Of course, I should probably also make it clear that Tokyo Damned is full of things like sex and violence and is definitely intended for mature readers.

That said, I hope you will read and enjoy. Which will hopefully be followed by rating and reviewing.

Thanks everyone!

BT S1 cover v08

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