A Better Year Than Last

I’ve mentioned this briefly, but last year (2018) was a bit of a down year for me creatively. I was lucky in that there was no real tragedy or emergency that hit me that year. But for whatever reason, I just felt very bleak about writing and creating in general.

My output dwindled. I never truly felt connected to what I was working on. Over all, I began to wonder if it was even worth keeping on writing. Like I said, it was a pretty dark place. And I’m not really sure why it hit me like that. It took me almost the entire year to really even start writing a new work.

But, for another mysterious reason, I feel better about 2019. The work I began at the tail end of last year is in the first edit phase, and I am enjoying how the story is shaping up. And I am back to daily posting here. While that might not be a big deal to some, it does a lot for me in forcing me to get that writing energy flowing.

Yesterday was a bit of a high water mark for me as well. At a little before 9:00pm, just after I posted that days update, the amount of views this site has received so far in 2019 surpassed the views it received in 2018. Not only that, but the amounts of visitors, likes and comments had already exceeded the totals from 2018 as well.

I don’t really want to share the exact numbers, because I am very much a small potatoes creator, but knowing that I am already achieving more here this year than last helps light a fire under me to keep creating.

Thank you readers. Hope you enjoy the words.

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